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Stat!: Why Supplement?

Percent of American adults who use dietary supplements to “improve” their overall health: 45 Percent who take them to “maintain” their health: 33 Supplements most commonly taken: multivitamin-mineral, calcium, omega-3/fish oil Percent who take specific supplements on the recommendation of … Continue reading

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What Makes a Supplement “Quality”?

Thorne Research President Al Czap discusses the critical issue of quality control and shares some secrets of the design and manufacture of nutritional supplements: You can watch the complete interview here. More on supplement quality And more And even more

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About Those “Risky” Supplements…

Every so often, a whole lot of noise is made about the “health risks” of nutritional supplements. And how risky are they? Here’s one chart: Most deadly? Serving in the Middle Eastern wars, preventable medical injuries and reactions to pharmaceutical … Continue reading

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Beyond Pills

Originally posted 13 April 2009 This is one of those good news/bad news kind of stories. Okay, maybe not “bad news,” but at least news that makes you wonder: In flusher times, Ms. Parham said, she spent $50 a month … Continue reading

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Questioning the Quo: One Pharmacist’s Tale

  Though we don’t agree with everything in the article below – recently distributed by the “Orthomolecular Medicine News Service” – it’s a good read that that offers some insight to the pressures that pharmacists (and others) are under to … Continue reading

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An Extra Hour of Sleep & a Possible Drop in Vitamin D

Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend. Hooray for that extra hour of sleep, right? But there’s a downside: fewer daylight hours plus winter weather can lead to vitamin D deficiency. This is because sunlight is our main – and best … Continue reading

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Boosting Broccoli’s Anti-Cancer Potential, & Other News of Note

More Evidence That Spicing Up Broccoli Boosts Its Cancer-Fighting Power (ScienceDaily) Teaming fresh broccoli with a spicy food that contains the enzyme myrosinase significantly enhances each food’s individual cancer-fighting power and ensures that absorption takes place in the upper part … Continue reading

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