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New Cancer-Inflammation Link & Other News of Note

Research Finds New Link Between Inflammation and Cancer (PhysOrg) Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center researchers have uncovered a new link between chronic inflammation and cancer. Although cancers do not always cause inflammation, chronic inflammation is known to help tumor … Continue reading

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Fluoride in Black Tea & Other News of Note

Black Tea Contains More Fluoride Than Ever Thought (Foodconsumer) Black tea may contain a higher concentration of fluoride than previously thought, according to a new study cited in a press release by Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Gary Whiteford of … Continue reading

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No-Needle Dental Numbing Coming? & Other News of Note

Sniff of Local Anesthetic in the Dentist’s Chair Could Replace the Needle (PhysOrg) Modern dentistry has eliminated much of the “ouch!” from getting a shot of local anesthetic. Now a new discovery may replace the needle used to give local … Continue reading

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Getting Children to Take Their Drugs

It’s not hard to imagine that a kid who’s been taught to “just say no to drugs” might be a little resistant to taking “good” (i.e., socially acceptable) drugs such as Ritalin (even as others follow the opposite tack and … Continue reading

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US Radiation Exposure on the Rise and Other News of Note

US Radiation Dose Has Doubled (ScienceNews) Collectively, Americans now receive more than twice as much radiation each year as in the 1980s. That’s according to a new tally by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements. * * * … Continue reading

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Oral Health & Pregnancy, Questioning ADHD Drugs and Other News of Note

Better Oral Hygiene Could Reduce Complications in Pregnancy & Help Newborn Babies (Medical News Today) Bacteria from a mother’s mouth can be transmitted through the blood and amniotic fluid in the womb to her unborn child. This could contribute to … Continue reading

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Your Mouth Is Connected to Your Heart and Your Brain and the Rest of You…

Some articles that ran while we were on our blog holiday that we want to be sure you didn’t miss:   New Data on Dental Health & Heart Disease (Wellness Resources) The clear links between dental health and heart disease … Continue reading

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