Mercury Amalgam Horror Show

Be afraid. Be very afraid. (Seriously, this is NOT for the squeamish.)) The “monster cavity” is just the beginning. That filling in it? “Silver” only by color and name. Dental amalgam is actually about 50% mercury. And it’s being removed unsafely. Then there’s all the additional trauma that tooth will be subject to down the […]

Mercury Vapor : Constant Poison

To draw attention to the problem of dental mercury, Consumers for Dental Choice and Dr. Mercola have teamed up to establish Mercury-Free Dentistry Week. Posting articles on mercury amalgam each day this week (Sept. 4 – 9), Dr. Mercola has also made available a full preview of the IAOMT‘s remarkable video “Smoking Teeth = Poison […]

US Dentists Still Place More Mercury Fillings Than You Might Think

With all the headway that’s been made in ending the use of mercury in dentistry (e.g., here, here & here) it’s sometimes easy to think that we’re seeing the last days of toxic dentistry. Then we run across headlines like this: US Dentists’ Amalgam Use Surprises Researchers The findings reported in this Medscape Medical News […]

The Ongoing Fight Against Dental Mercury Amalgam

Late last month, the Second Session of the World Mercury Treaty negotiations was held in Chiba, Japan. The World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry (WAMFD) – a coalition of consumer organizations from around the globe – was there to advocate for a provision to phase out mercury fillings. Charlie Brown, National Counsel of Consumers for Dental […]

FDA Scientific Panel Urges FDA to Stop Amalgam Use in Vulnerable Populations – Will FDA Listen?

Here’s the latest email from Charlie Brown of Consumer’s for Dental Choice, following up on December’s FDA dental mercury hearing and giving another call to action to prompt the FDA to do the right thing:     At the end of the two day hearing to evaluate the safety of amalgam, FDA’s own scientific panel […]

Mercury Amalgam Fillings & Alzheimer’s: Comment on the New Evidence

Last week, the IAOMT sent its member dentists and physicians an information packet on the recent news coverage of studies showing links between mercury exposure and Alzheimer’s disease. It included a helpful comment on the studies by Jim Dickinson of FDAWebview, with a note that Jim had given permission to share the article – which […]