5 Tips to Stay Balanced During Thanksgiving Chaos – & Beyond

We usually think of Thanksgiving and the ensuing holidays as a time of joy, warmth and togetherness. It can also be a time of chaos, tension and stress – an altogether challenging time of year. Recently, we received a great set of balance-maintaining tips from Megha Mehta, founder of The Balance Mantra and author of […]

Eminently Quotable: Melvin Page, DDS

Disease in not due to the presence of bacteria, but rather to the body being out of balance in such a way that the bacteria responsible for the inflammation are breeding out of control. Killing the bacteria is not the answer. Placing the body back in balance is a much more effective method of treatment. […]

Keeping Your Balance in Unsettled Times (Guest Post)

Current world affairs are causing a lot of distress. From the Japanese disasters to Middle Eastern uprisings and beyond, daily news of what we might have once thought of as unthinkable can easily pull us away from our natural balance. Not long ago, we were most concerned with the health effects of wifi and processed […]

Holding Your Inner Balance While an Outer Storm Rages (Guest Post)

When things are going well in your life, do you feel something might happen to disturb and disrupt your state of calm? Like a playing child who is suddenly very quiet, we wonder about our lives when everything feels quiet and peaceful. Is that old adage correct, that things feel calm right before a storm? […]