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Pain after Tooth-Pulling? Why You Need to Let Your Dentist Know

Via Australia’s Herald Sun, A woman who had to have a jaw reconstruction and all her bottom teeth removed after a simple tooth extraction is suing a Queensland hospital. Suzanne Marie Scott, 48, claims medical staff at Kirwan Women’s Hospital … Continue reading

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Implants, Implants Everywhere!

You probably heard the story (since determined to be a hoax) of the Polish dentist who got revenge on her ex-boyfriend by pulling out all his teeth. According to The Telegraph‘s version of events, the now toothless man says he’s … Continue reading

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Dental Implants – with Drugs! (Coming Soon to a Dental Office Near You?)

Last month, the British Dental Journal reported on a study suggesting that “Bisphosphonates Improve Implant Stability.” After dental implant surgery, a dental implant is often not stable enough to enable chewing straight away. It may take several months for the … Continue reading

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Better than Drugs: Vitamins D & K, Calcium to Treat Bone Loss

One of the very first posts we wrote – back in May 2008 – was on the problem of Fosamax and other bisphosphonates causing osteonecrotic lesions in the jaw. These sites of dead and decaying tissue – an ironic result … Continue reading

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Questioning the Long-Term Use of Prescription Drugs

One of the fundamental problems with drug-driven medicine is that the most drugs don’t actually cure anything. What they do is suppress symptoms or spur biological processes that give a sense of relief to the person taking them. In this … Continue reading

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Short Term Bisphosphonate Use Also Damaging, and Other News of Note

Common Oral Osteoporosis Drugs Linked to Serious Jaw Necrosis (ScienceDaily) Researchers at the University Of Southern California, School Of Dentistry release results of clinical data that links oral bisphosphonates to increased jaw necrosis. The study is among the first to … Continue reading

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Your Mouth Is Connected to Your Heart and Your Brain and the Rest of You…

Some articles that ran while we were on our blog holiday that we want to be sure you didn’t miss:   New Data on Dental Health & Heart Disease (Wellness Resources) The clear links between dental health and heart disease … Continue reading

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