Questioning the Long-Term Use of Prescription Drugs

One of the fundamental problems with drug-driven medicine is that the most drugs don’t actually cure anything. What they do is suppress symptoms or spur biological processes that give a sense of relief to the person taking them. In this way, they’re used to “manage” chronic illnesses. They’re taken for long periods of time – […]

What Fluoride Can Do If You Get Too Much of It

While the ADA, mainstream dentists, public health officials and others continue to insist on the virtues of fluoride for promoting dental health, reasons to avoid fluoride and fluoridation continue to mount : In the latest issue of Osteoporosis International, researchers report that fluoride consumption from tea and toothpaste damaged one woman’s bones. Fluoride – which […]

Health Tips Blogaround

Some favorite recent posts from blogs we enjoy reading regularly…   Dr. Best posts an interesting video on the association between smoking and back pain, and the impact of nicotine on bone health Cranky Fitness shares reader tips for healthy living on a budget Dr. Shamira reflects on the wisdom of the body and the […]

Quick Links: Omega 3s, B12, Obesity, Drugs in the Water & the Health Benefits of Stress Hardiness

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Linked to Denser Bones in Men (Reuters) In the study, men who had the highest levels of omega-3s in their blood as 22-year-olds showed the greatest bone mineral density, and also built the most bone between their late teens and their early 20s, Dr. Magnus Hogstrom and colleagues from Umea University in […]