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Mercury Amalgam Removal Can Only Be a Partial Solution

Originally posted 19 September 2008 It seems that some people, when they start learning the truth about the risks of amalgam fillings, will instantly ascribe all of their symptoms to the presence of mercury in their mouths. They want to … Continue reading

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How Smoking Primes the Mouth for Disease, & Other News of Note

In the Mouth, Smoking Zaps Healthy Bacteria, Welcomes Pathogens (MedicalXpress) Despite the daily disturbance of brushing and flossing, the mouth of a healthy person contains a stable ecosystem of healthy bacteria. New research shows that the mouth of a smoker … Continue reading

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Another Perio/Systemic Health Link, & Other News of Note

Periodontal Disease May Aggravate Respiratory Disease (Dr. Bicuspid) The list of systemic conditions influenced by periodontal disease appears to be growing longer every day. Now a new study has found an association between respiratory disease and periodontal disease (Journal of … Continue reading

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How Toxins Linger in the Environment, & Other News of Note

Environmental Pollutants Lurk Long After They “Disappear” (ScienceDaily) The health implications of polluting the environment weigh increasingly on our public consciousness, and pharmaceutical wastes continue to be a main culprit. Now a Tel Aviv University researcher says that current testing … Continue reading

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Post-Menopause Risk of Tooth Loss, & Other News of Note

Tooth Loss Risk Quantified in Post-Menopausal Women (Medical News Today) New research forecasts that over one in four post-menopausal women are likely to suffer from tooth loss over a five year period. A study of over 1,000 post-menopausal women indicates … Continue reading

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Perio Health – Fertility Link, & Other News of Note

“Floss for Fertility,” Women Advised (BBC) Women who want the best chance of having a baby should make sure they floss their teeth regularly, say doctors. Poor oral health is as bad for fertility as obesity – delaying conception by … Continue reading

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Fluoride & the Developing Brain

There are toxins, and then there are neurotoxins. The difference? Neurotoxins are poisons that act specifically on nerve cells. Among other things, they can damage the brain. Although we’ve known for some time that fluoride has neurotoxic effects, it still … Continue reading

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