Better than Drugs: Vitamins D & K, Calcium to Treat Bone Loss

One of the very first posts we wrote – back in May 2008 – was on the problem of Fosamax and other bisphosphonates causing osteonecrotic lesions in the jaw. These sites of dead and decaying tissue – an ironic result for a class of drugs meant to strengthen bone, no? As follow-up a little more […]

Want to Keep All Your Teeth? Make Sure You Get Enough Calcium

There are a couple ways the calcium message has been pushed by the dairy industry and makers of products with added calcium. There’s the “you need calcium for healthy teeth and bones” message that’s mainly targeted to kids and parents, and there’s the “you don’t want osteoporosis, so get more calcium” message that’s targeted to […]

What Your Doctor Might Not Tell You About Breast Tissue Calcifications (Guest Post)

Calcium is an abundant mineral. In the human body, it’s found almost entirely in bones and teeth. Only a tiny amount should be in cellular fluid, blood or muscles. Yet sometimes it will accumulate elsewhere, for any number of reasons. Calcifications in the breasts can be caused by injury, inflammation, radiation therapy or just improper […]