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Root Canals Are Nothing to “Celebrate”

Another year, another National Root Canal Awareness Week…and rather than rehash – because what’s there to say about this auspicious event that we’ve not said before? – we want to share with you what remains one of the best documentaries … Continue reading

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The Intelligence of Illness & Health

A terrific introduction to homotoxicology, a fundamental concept in biological dental medicine: Previously Previously-er Also

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From Biosis #50: Why We Need to Address the Ground System First, Before Doing Even More Dentistry: 2 Case Histories

The Spring 2016 issue of Biosis, our quarterly newsletter, went out this week and featured the next installment of Dr. V’s multipart article on dentistry’s need to move beyond being “just another profession.” We reproduce it here in full. Dr. … Continue reading

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Modern Chronic Illness, a Cumulative Condition

Many of the patients we see come to us with longstanding health problems they suspect are related to things like root canal teeth, mercury amalgam fillings and cavitations. But while such dental factors may indeed be playing a role, they’re … Continue reading

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The Importance of Considering the Teeth & Jaws in a Case of Full Body Illness

It’s a dental version of Groundhog Day. On March 14, 2005, a British man serving overseas in the military went to a dentist for root canal therapy. Ever since, he’s wakened believing it’s still March 14, 2005, and that he … Continue reading

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From the Archives: FAQ on the Biological Dental Perspective

Originally posted in slightly different form November 9, 2011 Since 2004, Dr. Gary Verigin’s free newsletter Biosis has offered its readers comment and teaching by Dr. Verigin, health news, wellness tips and more – all within an integrative, biological dental … Continue reading

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Biological Terrain & the Development of Chronic Illness

View Dr. Rau’s complete lecture. Learn more about the biological terrain and its role in illness and health.

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