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Captain Obvious & the Mystery of the Darkening Teeth

It might be hard to believe, but there once was a time when a less than blinding smile was perfectly acceptable. Then came the movies, where early black and white tended to make teeth look dully gray. To correct this, … Continue reading

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Speed Bleaching & Getting Sensitive

One theme we return to a lot here is the often overlooked costs of short-term solutions. It’s human nature, of course, to seek shortcuts and instant gratification, but when it comes to health matters – dental or otherwise – they … Continue reading

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Smiles without Substance

Originally posted 21 January 2011 It sometimes seems that a lot of people have come to believe that style is indeed substance, that what you see is what you get because what you see is all there is…that it is … Continue reading

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Veneers Instead of Braces? Seems the Push Is On

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot more tweets like this one: Veneers are a cosmetic treatment. They may be done for practical reasons – to restore a chipped or discolored tooth, say – but their main purpose is to improve … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Funny: The Onion Breaks Sad Dental News to Those Who Aim Beyond Chicklet Teeth

US Dentists Can’t Make Nation’s Teeth Any Damn Whiter

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“Perfect” Teeth de Rigueur?

While non-celebs may covet the kind of straight, blindingly white teeth they see in ads, tabloid pics and elsewhere in the mediaverse, plenty of stars stick with the natural look – for better or worse – even making it their … Continue reading

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Aesthetics Matter, but Health Comes First

Cosmetic dentistry has its place, but as we’ve written before, it’s too often overdone, with aesthetics taking a backseat to health. Recently, we ran across a similar critique, written by a dental consultant for the Faculty Dental Journal. We think … Continue reading

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