Captain Obvious & the Mystery of the Darkening Teeth

It might be hard to believe, but there once was a time when a less than blinding smile was perfectly acceptable. Then came the movies, where early black and white tended to make teeth look dully gray. To correct this, actors were often required by their studio contracts to have full sets of gleaming new […]

Speed Bleaching & Getting Sensitive

One theme we return to a lot here is the often overlooked costs of short-term solutions. It’s human nature, of course, to seek shortcuts and instant gratification, but when it comes to health matters – dental or otherwise – they too often can cause new problems to replace the ones they solve. New research on […]

Smiles without Substance

Originally posted 21 January 2011 It sometimes seems that a lot of people have come to believe that style is indeed substance, that what you see is what you get because what you see is all there is…that it is indeed, to quote Billy Crystal’s old Fernando Lamas routine, better to look good than to […]

Veneers Instead of Braces? Seems the Push Is On

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot more tweets like this one: Veneers are a cosmetic treatment. They may be done for practical reasons – to restore a chipped or discolored tooth, say – but their main purpose is to improve appearance. Braces and other orthodontic treatments improve appearance, too, but that’s not their main purpose. […]

“Perfect” Teeth de Rigueur?

While non-celebs may covet the kind of straight, blindingly white teeth they see in ads, tabloid pics and elsewhere in the mediaverse, plenty of stars stick with the natural look – for better or worse – even making it their trademark. Here’s a gang of 7, selected by Slate: Clearly, peroxide, veneers and other cosmetic […]

Aesthetics Matter, but Health Comes First

Cosmetic dentistry has its place, but as we’ve written before, it’s too often overdone, with aesthetics taking a backseat to health. Recently, we ran across a similar critique, written by a dental consultant for the Faculty Dental Journal. We think the message bears repeating. In “Porcelain Pornography,” Martin Kelleher hones in on the destructive aspect […]

Chicklet Teeth Are Just the Beginning…

Nothing is certain except death and taxes – and corporate media’s tendency to present most any excessive behavior as an “addiction” or “illness.” A recent ABC News feature does both: “Bleachorexia: How the Quest for Pearly Whites Can Destroy Teeth.” “Bleachorexia” is the term the writer says dentists use to describe people who go overboard […]

What Makes a Smile Beautiful?

Kristen Chenoweth has one of the prettiest smiles around. It makes total sense that Listerine would tap her to shill for partner with them in a promotion to raise money for America’s Toothfairy, a nonprofit with the noble mission of providing dental care to children in need. As per the media release we received, just […]