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What Do Patients Think About Dental Implants?

“Have you ever seen this stat before?” Dr. V recently asked, showing us an image he’d recently seen on Facebook. A survey conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology found that over 70 percent of respondents reported being “pleased” or … Continue reading

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Crumbling Teeth & the Need for a Comprehensive Biological Approach

If dental nightmares are your thing, the news has been feeding you plenty lately. First came “the horror dentist,” on trial for intentional violence and fraud. “Scores of people” have filed “complaints ranging from multiple healthy teeth removed, pieces of … Continue reading

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From Biosis #50: Why We Need to Address the Ground System First, Before Doing Even More Dentistry: 2 Case Histories

The Spring 2016 issue of Biosis, our quarterly newsletter, went out this week and featured the next installment of Dr. V’s multipart article on dentistry’s need to move beyond being “just another profession.” We reproduce it here in full. Dr. … Continue reading

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In the Rush to Dental Implants as a Solution…

“The dental profession’s rush to dental implants as a solution to dental needs of today’s trusting patients is overstated, overused, ill advised, and very often much abused.” – Dr. Ron Carlson Explore our archives to learn more about the issues … Continue reading

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How Are Dental Implants Really?

Last fall, we told you about research showing that well-maintained natural teeth tend to last longer dental implants. Yet implant dentists often boast of success rates as high as 98%. Now, new research again calls such claims into question. A … Continue reading

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“…the Implant Actually Becomes a Part of Your Body…”

From a media release we received last week: Titanium implants are a wonderful option because they actually fuse with the jawbone. During the healing process, the titanium surface of the implant fuses onto the bone in a process known as … Continue reading

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Implants No Improvement Over Natural Teeth

As Dr. V likes to say, the best teeth are the ones you’re born with. No restorative material can compare. Sure, there are plenty of good options for when a tooth must be repaired or replaced. But no dental restoration … Continue reading

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