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Defeating the Purpose of a Dental “Bargain”

Oh, the news that turns up when you have Google Alerts set up for “root canals”: As if smoking were the worst of it. Broadmeadows Magistrate Court heard Muhammad Velipasaoglu smoked, spoke on the phone, didn’t wear a face mask … Continue reading

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BPA in Dentistry: Safety & Risks

Anymore, the terms “BPA” and “avoid” go hand in hand. Unfortunately, BPA and related compounds turn up in a lot of dental composite – the type of material used to make tooth-colored fillings and a major alternative to mercury amalgam. … Continue reading

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More DIY Dentistry, Metal-Mouth Edition

Once we saw this… …we really felt no need to watch the whole episode of Extreme Cheapskates. Sometimes, a teaser is enough. But it brought to mind another case of DIY dentistry we recently ran across in the British Dental … Continue reading

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Stat!: Dental Mercury & Informed Consent

Percent of Americans who don’t know that mercury is the main component of “silver” amalgam dental fillings: 57 Percent who are ever told by their dentists that “silver” fillings contain mostly mercury: 11 Percent of Americans who don’t think their … Continue reading

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20 Extractions + Implants + Grafts = 1 Very Bad Idea

As we say, the best dentistry is the least dentistry. This – – is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much dentistry. Having a tooth pulled, a cavity filled, or even a dental cleaning can be nerve-wracking even to the most fearless and bravest … Continue reading

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Here’s a breath of fresh air, courtesy of a general dentist and dental consultant over in the UK: Fluoridation – whether effective or not – isn’t really worth fighting for. The days of mass medication are surely over. People nowadays … Continue reading

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“…the Implant Actually Becomes a Part of Your Body…”

From a media release we received last week: Titanium implants are a wonderful option because they actually fuse with the jawbone. During the healing process, the titanium surface of the implant fuses onto the bone in a process known as … Continue reading

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