Not Such a Tough Story to Swallow

Doctors are human. Sometimes they make mistakes. Yet some seem so over-the-top, you almost want to say, “You went to medical school and this is what you learned?!” Case in point: When 75 year old Nermin Keating from Essex, England accidentally swallowed her dentures, it took four doctors 9 weeks of repeated misdiagnoses to figure […]

Dental Don’t: Dirty Dentures

Remember the post about why you really need to clean your retainers? The same goes for dentures – any removable appliance or prosthetic, really – for they’re just as apt to harbor pathogenic microbes and provide more surface for them to cover. These “bad bugs” include the microbes involved in dental disease and others such […]

The Teeth That Saved the World

Say you were in the market for a set of dentures. How much would you pay? How about $25,000? Well, someone recently paid that, but it wasn’t for a partial to replace his or her own teeth. They were a collector’s item: a set of Winston Churchill‘s false teeth, which, according to a report in […]

Your Mouth Is Connected to Your Heart and Your Brain and the Rest of You…

Some articles that ran while we were on our blog holiday that we want to be sure you didn’t miss:   New Data on Dental Health & Heart Disease (Wellness Resources) The clear links between dental health and heart disease just got a lot stronger, which may now be a motivational factor for many people […]