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Quick Fixes for Health?

No such thing, if you consider that health is much more than the absence of sickness. It is wholeness. And that is a thing of nature, our essential being. Our bodies evolved to strive to maintain it. When it’s undermined, … Continue reading

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Health: An “Active & Deliberate Creation”

Last week, to absolutely no one’s surprise, cooking show personality Paula Deen announced that, yes, she has type 2 diabetes. And what made her decide to go public now, three years after her diagnosis? As she told USA Today, “I … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Kick the Sugar Habit, & Other News of Note

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps Your Skin Age Prematurely (New Scientist) A sweet tooth does more than pack on the pounds. It causes your skin to age prematurely, making you look older than you really are. But how much older? … Continue reading

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Another Perio/Systemic Health Link, & Other News of Note

Periodontal Disease May Aggravate Respiratory Disease (Dr. Bicuspid) The list of systemic conditions influenced by periodontal disease appears to be growing longer every day. Now a new study has found an association between respiratory disease and periodontal disease (Journal of … Continue reading

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Perio Health – Fertility Link, & Other News of Note

“Floss for Fertility,” Women Advised (BBC) Women who want the best chance of having a baby should make sure they floss their teeth regularly, say doctors. Poor oral health is as bad for fertility as obesity – delaying conception by … Continue reading

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Dentally Identifying Diabetes, & Other News of Note

Dentists Can Help Identify Diabetes (Dental Tribune International) Researchers at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine found that dental visits represent a chance to intervene in the diabetes epidemic by identifying individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes who are unaware … Continue reading

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Tamiflu Effectiveness Overstated, & Other News of Note

Tamiflu Effectiveness Overstated (CBC News) A University of British Columbia professor who specializes in researching publicly approved medicines is casting doubt on the effectiveness of the anti-pandemic drug Tamiflu. Dr. Barbara Mintzes says she’s looked at the manufacturer’s own clinical … Continue reading

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