30 Health & Wellness Articles Worth Your Time

Want to damage your teeth? Here’s how! On the other hand, opening beer bottles with his teeth was not the cause of George Washington’s famous dental woes. (His dentures weren’t made out of wood either.) More about the bad old days of dentistry. Yes, teeth are made for tearing and chewing food. But what to […]

Pop Quiz: Why Do We Chew Our Food?

If you said something like, “To make it small enough to swallow,” you just might be wrong…if biophysics research proves right. That research, mentioned in a recent article on physicsworld.com, a site from the Institute of Physics, showed that it’s not so much to make the food small as it is to make it swallowable. […]

Dental Anatomy 101

To be able to make informed decisions about your health and health care, you need to understand your body and how it works. But many of us have only the vaguest ideas about this – echoes of what we hear from mass media or dim memories from high school “health” classes. So one of our […]