The Real Question

Speaking of times when mainstream medicine doesn’t quite live up to the marketing, a report in the current Mayo Clinic Proceedings finds not only that “many new techniques and medicines are either no more effective than the old ones, or worse;” “many doctors persist in using practices that have been shown to be useless or […]

Modern Medicine & Scientific Certainty

When the issue of “alternative medicine” comes up, skeptics often invoke some version of the cliche uttered by Michael Shermer not long ago in an interview before a panel discussion with Deepak Chopra and others on “The Nature of Reality”: “There is no such thing as alternative medicine. There’s just scientific medicine, and all the […]

“Medicine” Is That Which Has Been Proven to Work?

A while back, we posted an article on the “alternative medicine” canard and the double standard of proof that holistic health practices are often held to. In it, we quoted from a paper by Kenneth R. Pelletier of Arizona State University and UC San Francisco – a passage worth repeating here as we look to […]

Stat!: Medical Overkill & Waste

Portion of medical tests and treatment done yearly in the US that may not be needed: 1/5 to nearly 1/3 of all procedures World rank of US citizens in terms of most medical radiation received: 1 Number of antibiotic prescriptions given annually for viruses: “Tens of millions”   According to a recent study in Health […]

Biosis 26: The FDA & Mercury, Double Standards and More

  The new issue of our quarterly newsletter Biosis is now available online. Check it out now to learn more about:   * The FDA’s embrace of discredited dentistry * The health care industry’s double standards when it comes to “evidence based medicine” * Turning your dreams into actions   Read Biosis 26 now.