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Biosis #47: Putting Positive Thoughts to Work, the Ravages of Modern Medicine, & More!

The latest issue of Biosis, our quarterly newsletter, is now online. In this issue: JoAnne’s Motivational Minute: Putting Positive Thoughts to Work The other day, a patient asked me if I’m always so positive and happy. “Well, yes. And no,” … Continue reading

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Exercise Matters

Exercise is one of those things we all know we should do to stay healthy. Still, most of us fail to do enough of it. In fact, only about 20% of adults meet the standard guidelines for physical activity. There … Continue reading

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The Cause to Turn a Cause into a “Medical Condition”

Classifying common traits as mental illness or medical condition: It’s not just for the psychiatric profession anymore! A physiologist has now suggested the possibility of doing just that for leading a sedentary lifestyle. Yes, really. In a Journal of Physiology … Continue reading

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How Smoking Primes the Mouth for Disease, & Other News of Note

In the Mouth, Smoking Zaps Healthy Bacteria, Welcomes Pathogens (MedicalXpress) Despite the daily disturbance of brushing and flossing, the mouth of a healthy person contains a stable ecosystem of healthy bacteria. New research shows that the mouth of a smoker … Continue reading

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Protein (Not Sugar) for Energy, & Other News of Note

Mid-Afternoon Slump? Why a Sugar Rush May Not Be the Answer (ScienceDaily) A new study has found that protein and not sugar activates the cells responsible for keeping us awake and burning calories. The research, published in the Nov. 17 … Continue reading

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What Dentists Really Think of Halloween, & Other News of Note

Dentists Don’t Really Despise Halloween (USA Today) You might think dentists would have strong feelings about Halloween. However, most don’t jump out of their skins over it. “We just want kids to be kids, and part of a kid’s life … Continue reading

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Raw Veggies’ Impact on Genes, & Other News of Note

Eating Your Greens Can Change the Effect of Your Genes on Heart Disease, Say Researchers (MedicalXpress) A long-held mantra suggests that you can’t change your family, the genes they pass on, or the effect of these genes. Now, an international … Continue reading

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