“Buy Fresh, Buy Local” in the San Joaquin Valley

By now, you’ve seen the USDA’s new and maybe/maybe not improved nutrition graphic, MyPlate, right? Wait. That’s the baseball edition (via Food Politics). This, of course, is MyPlate: Yes, there have been valid criticisms made about the graphic – here, here and here, for example – but taking the broad view, the clearer emphasis on […]

Sites We Like: Fruits & Veggies – More Matters

As we’ve said before, we get a lot of media releases. Most of them go right into the trash, usually because they’re inappropriate to this blog’s focus, uninformative or seem to have little purpose beyond trying to get a mention for some product. (We aim to keep this a commercial-free space.) But every once in […]

Stat!: Dietary Delusions

  The McGraw Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine, cited by The Free Dictionary, defines a healthy diet as “any diet based on sound nutritional principles” that typically has these features: High consumption of fruits & vegetables Low consumption of red meat & fatty foods Raw foods & whole grains are preferred to processed or […]

Gum Disease/Cancer Link & Other News of Note

Gum Disease May Increase Head and Neck Cancer Risk (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) Taking good care of your teeth may help cut your risk of developing head or neck cancer, suggests a new study that links a gum disease to such tumors. Having chronic periodontitis, a gum disease involving the progressive loss of the bone and soft […]

7 Ways to Get More Veg and Fruit in Your Diet

chocolate monster mel/Flickr Include a green garden salad with both lunch and dinner. Include a piece of fresh fruit with your breakfast each morning. And if you choose to have desserts with other meals, choose fruit. Consider your plate. Let any meat, starch and grain (potato, pasta, bread, rice or other cooked grains) fill no […]