Food, GMOs & the Right to Know

In case you missed it last week in the run-up to Thanksgiving, the FDA recently announced that calorie counts will now need to be “clearly and conspicuously” posted on menus and displays in all establishments that sell prepared foods and have 20 or more locations. “Americans eat and drink about one-third of their calories away […]

9 Reasons to Demand Real Food (Guest Post)

Our bodies are not designed to eat the kind of highly processed products sold by the giant food corporations, nor the synthetic chemical residues that cling to industrially raised produce, meat and dairy, nor genetically engineered foods that would never have developed in nature without human help. As one registered dietitian has put it, “The […]

After Prop. 37…

Prop. 37’s defeat was a disappointment to those of us who value the right to know and who care about the quality of our food, our health and the environment. It remains up to us to do our homework, ask questions and stay informed so we can make good choices while shopping. One of the […]

Tomorrow, the Right to Know Vote

Tomorrow, at last, we Californians vote on GMO labeling. Like most holistic and biological practitioners, we support Prop. 37 and the right to know whether a food has been genetically modified or not. After all, it’s kin to the informed consent we value in our practice. You provide information that people can evaluate based on […]

Knowing What’s In What You Put Inside You

Here in California, Big Ag, Big Food and other GMO backers continue to assault us with their anti-Prop. 37 propaganda. prop·a·gan·da, n.1. The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause. For as we were saying just last week, these […]

Healthy Hearts Don’t Need “Preventive” Aspirin, & Other News of Note

Healthy People Don’t Need Aspirin to Prevent Heart Disease (HuffPo) Healthy people shouldn’t be taking aspirin to prevent heart disease, researchers say in a new report that casts doubt on recommendations from U.S. health officials. * * * [Dr. Kausik] Ray and his colleagues took a fresh look at nine previous trials of aspirin use […]

Good Eats, Workplace Exercise & Other Health Tips from Around the Web

Trying to eat safely and healthfully? Check out these tips – from the Institute for Responsible Technology – for avoiding foods made from genetically modifed organisms (GMOs). Need something healthy to eat on the run? Why not make some grab-and-go “Primal Energy Bars” with this recipe from Mark’s Daily Apple? No time for a workout? […]