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Thoughts Are Powerful, Not Magical (Guest Post)

By Christopher J. Fabricius, ND Through the last months of 2012, you saw a lot of interest building up around the release of The Cure Is…, a documentary on the mind-body (mental/physical) aspect of health, featuring interviews with some of … Continue reading

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“The Body…Seeks to Establish Balance…”


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How Old Are You Really?: Evaluating the Biological Terrain

You’re only as young as you feel, right? Who hasn’t had times when they felt younger than their years – or older than their birthday says they should? Chronological age and mental age don’t always match. There can also be … Continue reading

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Healing and the Power of Thought (Guest Post)

An American named Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was nicknamed “The Sleeping Prophet” for his ability to enter a sleep-like state and answer the health questions of thousands of people who came to him for answers. Although he died 66 years ago, … Continue reading

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Sports & Athletes as Healers? (Guest Post)

I once mentioned to a dear old friend that I thought school teachers should be paid what sports players make and the guys who run around with a little ball should be paid a teacher’s wage. My friend, also a … Continue reading

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Deepak Chopra on Spirit & Healing


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Eminently Quotable: Andrew Weil

Please keep in mind the distinction between healing and treatment: treatment originates from outside, whereas healing comes from within.  

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