Follow-up: Medical Damage

Another fascinating – if disconcerting – study on “preventive” double mastectomy came out recently. That procedure made big news earlier this year, you may recall, when Angelina Jolie announced that she had gone this route. And as we noted then, she’s hardly the only one. One study we mentioned found that nearly 20% of women […]

Pill Life, with Artifacts

Half the modern drugs could well be thrown out the windowexcept that the birds might eat them. – Martin H. Fischer Or artists might use them in their work: We ran across these recently while browsing Flickr – images from a large artwork depicting “the life histories of a man and woman, illustrated by the […]

From “Patient” to “Consumer”

One of the most interesting changes in how Americans think about healthcare has been the transformation of “patients” into “consumers.” As a result, more people are also becoming self-advocates. Thanks to the Internet, we have more access than ever to information on health problems and treatments, physicians, and current medical research. As a result, we […]