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FDA Conflict-of-Interest Rules Apt to Loosen, & Other News of Note

Lawmakers May Relax FDA Drug Conflict Rules (Reuters) U.S. lawmakers likely will change the criteria for advisers reviewing new medicines next year because of complaints that the rules meant to prevent conflicts of interest make it harder to find real … Continue reading

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Perio Health – Fertility Link, & Other News of Note

“Floss for Fertility,” Women Advised (BBC) Women who want the best chance of having a baby should make sure they floss their teeth regularly, say doctors. Poor oral health is as bad for fertility as obesity – delaying conception by … Continue reading

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Antibiotics & Asthma, Asthma & Cavities, & Other News of Note

Antibiotic Use in Infancy May Increase Risk of Childhood Asthma (PhysOrg) Children who receive antibiotics within the first six months of life are at a significantly increased risk of developing asthma and allergies by 6 years of age, even without … Continue reading

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Dental Care Lowers Women’s Heart Disease Risk & Other News of Note

Dental Care Reduces Risk of Heart Disease in Women (Medical News Today) A new study led by a University of California, Berkeley, researcher could give women a little extra motivation to visit their dentist more regularly. The study suggests that … Continue reading

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How Fish Oils Fight Inflammation & Other News of Note

Why Fish Oils Work Swimmingly Against Inflammation and Diabetes (ScienceDaily) Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have identified the molecular mechanism that makes omega-3 fatty acids so effective in reducing chronic inflammation and insulin resistance. … Continue reading

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More on the Heart-Jaw Connection

Last month, we told you about how jaw pain can be a symptom of heart problems and shared some info on telling the difference between the two. Interestingly enough, a new study on heart-related jaw pain was published soon after … Continue reading

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Jaw Pain as a Sign of Heart Problems

only alice/Flickr   There are a lot of dental reasons why your jaw might hurt. Some of the most common include TM joint disorders, misaligned teeth and clenching/grinding habits. Toothaches and infections can contribute to jaw pain, as well. But … Continue reading

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