Another Perio/Systemic Health Link, & Other News of Note

Periodontal Disease May Aggravate Respiratory Disease (Dr. Bicuspid) The list of systemic conditions influenced by periodontal disease appears to be growing longer every day. Now a new study has found an association between respiratory disease and periodontal disease (Journal of Periodontology, August 2011, Vol. 82:8, pp. 1155-1160). Respiratory infections, such as pneumonia and the exacerbation […]

Tamiflu Effectiveness Overstated, & Other News of Note

Tamiflu Effectiveness Overstated (CBC News) A University of British Columbia professor who specializes in researching publicly approved medicines is casting doubt on the effectiveness of the anti-pandemic drug Tamiflu. Dr. Barbara Mintzes says she’s looked at the manufacturer’s own clinical research and found that Tamiflu’s beneficial effects have been significantly overstated by the manufacturer Roche. […]

Stat!: Health Conditions Most Apt to Keep You from Work

Top five health conditions causing people to miss work for 10 or more days each year: Heart disease Diabetes Depression High blood pressure Stress/anxiety Notably, these are overwhelmingly preventable conditions, brought on or aggravated by lifestyle choices. Could the bad economy spur more of us to make better health choices? There’s certainly financial incentive. After […]

Quick Links: Pharma Phollies Edition

Image by robotson via Flickr   Pushing Prescriptions: A Record Year for the Pharmaceutical Lobby in ’07 (Center for Public Integrity) Doctors Say Medication Is Overused in Dementia (NY Times) Drug-Resistant High Blood Pressure on the Rise (NY Times) Study: Medication Problems Cause 12% of ER Visits (Wall Street Journal Health Blog) One Drug, Many […]