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Recommended Reading: 7 Longreads on What We’re Doing to Food & What Food Is Doing to Us

Modern Industrial Foods & Their Effects on the Human BodyWhat’s modern farming doing to our food? This recent article from the Natural Medicine Journal explores the health impact of modern interventions commonly used in the food industry – GM crops, … Continue reading

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The Intelligence of Illness & Health

A terrific introduction to homotoxicology, a fundamental concept in biological dental medicine: Previously Previously-er Also

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The Tooth-Body Connection

One of the foundational concepts of biological dentistry is the awareness of relationships between the teeth, gums and other oral tissues and the rest of the body. On one level, this is just common sense: after all, your mouth is … Continue reading

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Dr. Glidden on the Healthcare System Status Quo

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Choosing Wellness

By Gary M. Verigin, DDS, CTN The human body is a nonspecific sounding board for the daily assault of environmental irritants and toxins. These include live pathogens, chemical substances and physical influences. As they build up, our immune systems can … Continue reading

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Know Thy Health: 5 Years & 1000 Posts Later…

It’s a nice convergence: The 5 year anniversary of this blog and this, our 1000th post. It neither seems like so long or so many. But them’s the facts. Many thanks to all of you who check in here regularly; … Continue reading

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Food as Medicine? The Big Picture Matters (Guest Post)

From the blog of William P. Glaros, DDS – Used with permission For all the “health care” that happens in this country, we seem to have a real problem when it comes to preventive care – in dentistry or otherwise … Continue reading

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