More on the Heart-Jaw Connection

Last month, we told you about how jaw pain can be a symptom of heart problems and shared some info on telling the difference between the two. Interestingly enough, a new study on heart-related jaw pain was published soon after in the Journal of Dental Research. For the study, researchers looked at the quality, intensity […]

Jaw Pain as a Sign of Heart Problems

only alice/Flickr   There are a lot of dental reasons why your jaw might hurt. Some of the most common include TM joint disorders, misaligned teeth and clenching/grinding habits. Toothaches and infections can contribute to jaw pain, as well. But the jaw doesn’t exist in isolation from the body. Everything is connected in a singular […]

Biosis 27: Tips to Quit Grinding Your Teeth, Finding Gratitude & More

  The new issue of our quarterly newsletter Biosis is available online now. Check it out now to learn more about: Why you might clench and grind your teeth – and what to do about it Finding stability in unstable times through tradition and gratitude Women’s health and informed consent Read Biosis 27 now.  

Teeth Grinding, Myofascial Pain & Acupuncture

In the upcoming issue of our quarterly newsletter Biosis, Dr. Verigin writes of the problems with ongoing teeth clenching, grinding and bruxing and nine steps you can take to help kick the habit and save your teeth…not to mention alleviate the jaw, face, head and neck pain that accompanies grinding. He notes that anywhere from […]

A Look at the TMJ – Healthy, Functioning and Otherwise

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the “hinge” that allows your mouth to open and close, and you have one on each side of your head. Here’s what a healthy, functioning TMJ looks like:     If these joints get damaged or misaligned due to trauma or habits of clenching, grinding and bruxing, the result […]