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Follow-up: Antidepressants, Obesity & Cancer Edition

Often it happens that soon after we post on one topic or another, we stumble upon related material and think, “Damn, wish we could’ve included that in the post!” A few such item we’ve bookmarked in recent weeks: After “News … Continue reading

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News That Should Surprise Exactly No One

Via emailed media release: Industry Sponsorship Leads to Bias in Reported Findings of Clinical Trials Studies reporting the results of industry sponsored clinical trials present a more favourable picture of the effects of drugs and medical devices than those reporting … Continue reading

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30 Health & Wellness Articles Worth Your Time

Want to damage your teeth? Here’s how! On the other hand, opening beer bottles with his teeth was not the cause of George Washington’s famous dental woes. (His dentures weren’t made out of wood either.) More about the bad old … Continue reading

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How Stress Triggers Immune System, & Other News of Note

Study Shows How Stress Triggers Immune System (USA Today) Shedding some light on why stress might be bad for you, a new study finds that parts of your immune system ramp up when you get into personal conflicts with others. … Continue reading

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Modern Medicine & Scientific Certainty

When the issue of “alternative medicine” comes up, skeptics often invoke some version of the cliche uttered by Michael Shermer not long ago in an interview before a panel discussion with Deepak Chopra and others on “The Nature of Reality”: … Continue reading

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Cancer & Hormone Therapy, & Other News of Note

Breast Cancer Seen as Riskier with Hormone (NY Times) Hormone treatment after menopause, already known to increase the risk of breast cancer, also makes it more likely that the cancer will be advanced and deadly, a study finds. Women who … Continue reading

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Where Appearances Can Trump Reality

Regular readers of our blog and newsletter are certainly familiar with the lengths Big Pharma goes to in pushing their product, as we’ve often commented on their tactics – manipulated studies, disease mongering, giving gifts and money to doctors and … Continue reading

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