Dental Care Lowers Women’s Heart Disease Risk & Other News of Note

Dental Care Reduces Risk of Heart Disease in Women (Medical News Today) A new study led by a University of California, Berkeley, researcher could give women a little extra motivation to visit their dentist more regularly. The study suggests that women who get dental care reduce their risk of heart attacks, stroke and other cardiovascular […]

Teeth & Your Memory

Ever have a senior moment? Then you might be missing some teeth, too. Researchers at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM) link tooth loss and periodontal disease to cognitive decline in one of the largest and longest prospective studies on the topic to date, released in this month’s issue of the […]

Flossing Teeth May Help Your Memory & Other News of Note

Flossing Your Teeth May Also Improve Your Memory (WABC-TV) “Researchers looked at a group of men and women over age 60 and what they found was that those who scored lowest on tests of math and memory had been exposed to greater amounts of bacteria that are known to cause gum disease. And in fact […]

Gum Disease Ups Stroke Risk in Men, and Other News of Note

History of Periodontitis Linked to Cerebrovascular Disease in Men (Medical News Today) The potential role of periodontitis, an inflammatory disease of the gums, in the risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly ischemic stroke, has received growing attention during the last decade. A new study is the first prospective cohort study to use clinical measures of periodontitis […]

Oral Care Key to Transplant Success and Other News of Note

Oral Care Key to Successful Organ Transplants (MediLexicon News) Study after study point to the connection between oral health and a person’s general well-being. However, for thousands of Americans waiting for an organ transplant each year, maintaining good oral health, free of infection, is critical for successful organ transplantation and requires specialized dental care. In […]

Flu Shots, Root Canals and Other Things that Are Less-than-Great-for-You Blogaround

Mark Sisson gives a terrific overview of why flu shots aren’t all they’re cracked up to be and offers some helpful tips for staying jab-free and healthy through cold and flu season. Jon Barron discusses the recent study on the superiority of root canals over implants – and why this doesn’t mean root canals are […]

Quick Links: Memory, Sleep, Vitamin D, Women’s Oral Health Needs & More on the Dental/Systemic Health Link

World-First Trial Proves Exercise Helps Memory (PhysOrg) WACHA director Professor Leon Flicker said people over the age of 50 could pro-actively prevent memory deterioration by joining in simple and easy exercises each day. “What our trial tells us is that older people who take up some form of aerobic exercise for as little as 20 […]

Recommended Reading: Mind and Brain Power Edition

Peta-de-Aztlan/Flickr Sleep on It: How Snoozing Makes You Smarter (SciAm) Sometimes when facing a dilemma, we decide to “sleep on the problem,” believing that a solution may appear to us once we’re rested and refreshed, almost as if by magic. Now science is showing how that “magic” works – or rather, how the brain works […]