Mercury Amalgam Affects More Than Just the Teeth It’s Packed In

Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder if dental mercury’s defenders operate on the belief that if you say something over and over and over and over and over and over again, repetition shall make it so: Yawn. But let’s pretend – just for a moment – that mercury amalgam is all that its defenders claim […]

Stat!: “Silver” Mercury Amalgam Fillings Are No Bargain

One reason often given to justify the continued use of mercury in dental fillings is that it’s cheaper to place than composite – which is true if you just look at the price tag and ignore external costs. Externality: A cost or benefit not transmitted through prices that is incurred by a party who did […]

Help California Become Mercury-Free

  And one way in which you can push for action at the local level is to take a moment and sign the petition to Ban Dental Mercury in California – then share it with your family and friends. The petition is sponsored by Californians for Green Dentistry, a grassroots effort affiliated with Consumers for […]

FDA Scientific Panel Urges FDA to Stop Amalgam Use in Vulnerable Populations – Will FDA Listen?

Here’s the latest email from Charlie Brown of Consumer’s for Dental Choice, following up on December’s FDA dental mercury hearing and giving another call to action to prompt the FDA to do the right thing:     At the end of the two day hearing to evaluate the safety of amalgam, FDA’s own scientific panel […]

FDA’s “Final” Mercury Amalgam Ruling Effectively on Hold, New Panel to Discuss Issues in December

Crystian Cruz/Flickr   On June 11, the Food and Drug Administration effectively put on hold its rule declaring mercury–containing dental fillings to be safe for the entire population, in response to several “petitions to reconsider,” including one filed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). The Final Rule classifying dental mercury and dental […]

Philly Board of Health Says Neurological Warnings about Mercury Fillings Must Stay

Just received the good word from Consumers for Dental Choice that Philadelphians will continue to be informed about the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings. Victory in Philadelphia!We foil dental association attempt to remove neurological warnings from city fact sheet In a ringing defeat for the American Dental Association, the Philadelphia Board of Health rejected the […]

Tell the White House: Getting the Truth about Dental Mercury Should Be a Scientific Priority

We just received an email alert about how the White House is seeking input on what the nation’s national scientific and technological priorities should be. In light of last year’s FDA ruling on mercury amalgam safety – a ruling tainted by conflicts of interest – those on the forefront of the fight against dental mercury […]

Biosis 26: The FDA & Mercury, Double Standards and More

  The new issue of our quarterly newsletter Biosis is now available online. Check it out now to learn more about:   * The FDA’s embrace of discredited dentistry * The health care industry’s double standards when it comes to “evidence based medicine” * Turning your dreams into actions   Read Biosis 26 now.