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Recommended Reading: Dr. James Rota’s Mirror of the Body

Reviewed by Gary M. Verigin, DDS, CTN Mirror of the Body represents the collected thoughts and observations of a brilliant and inquiring dentist. Dr. James Rota, a general practitioner of dentistry whose life focus has been on holistic health, courageously … Continue reading

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Yet More Evidence Pointing to Mercury Amalgam’s Risk

In 2000, Freya Koss filed a personal malpractice suit against her former dentist. Her complaint alleged that the dentist had exposed her to dangerous levels of mercury vapor during the unsafe removal of an existing amalgam filling and replacement with … Continue reading

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“Safe Enough” Poison?

source Not that thinking something is “safe enough” actually makes it so. As the United Nations Environment Programme, among others, has shown, there is no such thing as a safe level of exposure to this most potent of neurotoxins. And … Continue reading

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Mercury Amalgam Removal Can Only Be a Partial Solution

Originally posted 19 September 2008 It seems that some people, when they start learning the truth about the risks of amalgam fillings, will instantly ascribe all of their symptoms to the presence of mercury in their mouths. They want to … Continue reading

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And the Human Cost of Dental Mercury Amalgam

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An Open Letter to Deans of Dentistry

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“I Was Shocked at the Ignorance of the Dental Profession”

Marie Flowers tells her story of mercury poisoning in powerful testimony at last month’s FDA dental amalgam hearings:  

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