When Label & Supplement Don’t Match

A new study offers a reminder of why you want to be selective when it comes to the nutritional supplements you buy: What it says on the label and what’s actually inside may not always match. For this latest study on supplement quality, published in BMC Medicine, researchers tested 44 herbal products produced by 12 […]

KTH Flashback: Patients, Doctors & the Elephant in the Room

Originally posted March 30, 2009 Over the years, our practice has become increasingly specialized. Of course we continue to provide general dental services, but a large portion of our practice is made up of people with chronic illnesses and dysfunction, who want to see what role their dental and oral conditions might be playing in […]

Some Healthy Perspective

The study itself isn’t so earth-shattering, especially to holistic and biological health professionals; but what one of its authors had to say about it – we think it’s worth a look. For their paper, the researchers mapped the use of “alternative medicine…by MS patients” to see how individuals individuals incorporate unorthodox practices and procedures into […]

Privileging Drugs, Bashing Herbs

Not long ago, we ran across a couple of hmmm-inducing headlines on news stories involving herbal medications. The first covered research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology on problems that can arise from mixing “heart drugs” and some herbal supplements. According to WebMD’s report, [Researcher Arshad ] Jahangir says the danger […]

Natural Remedies for Headache Pain

Last month, we ran a guest post on embracing change by holistic healer and spiritual counselor Dr. Christina Grant. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Grant as a regular guest blogger for Know Thy Health. Her columns will run on Fridays and are also available on her blog Dr. Grant Holistic. Working with clients both […]