Offered Dessert? Smile & Say “Cheese!”

When it comes to your teeth, there may be something to having cheese for dessert – and not just because it’s non-sugary and calcium-rich. Recently, scientists found that it may actively lower your cavity risk. For one, it makes conditions in your mouth less acidic. Where acidity can erode enamel, leaving teeth more vulnerable to […]

The Dentist Who Says You Don’t Need to Floss

Remember when Jessica Simpson made those comments about never brushing her teeth? (“I just use Listerine,” she said, “and sometimes I’ll use my sweater.”) Remember that South Korean TV show guest whose claim to fame was not brushing for a decade or more? (“I do not understand why people should brush teeth, as it is […]

Dental Don’t: Dirty Dentures

Remember the post about why you really need to clean your retainers? The same goes for dentures – any removable appliance or prosthetic, really – for they’re just as apt to harbor pathogenic microbes and provide more surface for them to cover. These “bad bugs” include the microbes involved in dental disease and others such […]

How Smoking Primes the Mouth for Disease, & Other News of Note

In the Mouth, Smoking Zaps Healthy Bacteria, Welcomes Pathogens (MedicalXpress) Despite the daily disturbance of brushing and flossing, the mouth of a healthy person contains a stable ecosystem of healthy bacteria. New research shows that the mouth of a smoker is a much more chaotic, diverse ecosystem — and is much more susceptible to invasion […]

Ingenious Little Bugs

Spit. It even sounds gross. And that’s kind of the point. According to word historians, it’s “of imitative origin.” It sounds like what it means. Even the more polite “saliva” may come from a root word meaning “dirty.” But saliva is also kind of amazing stuff.     And in more important ways than that. […]

How Oral Bacteria Get to the Rest of the Body, & Other News of Note

Mouth as the Gateway to Your Body (MedicalXpress) After cleaning your mouth, plaque begins forming before your brush even hits the cup. A key to plaque formation, said Yiping W. Han, a professor of periodontics at Case Western Reserve University is one of the most abundant and persistent bacterium that inhabits the mouth, Fusobacterium nucleatum. […]

The Ever-Growing List of Why Tongue-Piercings Aren’t So Cool

Tongue piercings may look cool, but they can really hurt your teeth and gums. To date, the main problems reported have been infection, gum damage, tooth breakage and orthodontic issues. Now we can add one more to the list: a greater potential for dental and other disease. According to a study recently published in the […]

Dental Care Lowers Women’s Heart Disease Risk & Other News of Note

Dental Care Reduces Risk of Heart Disease in Women (Medical News Today) A new study led by a University of California, Berkeley, researcher could give women a little extra motivation to visit their dentist more regularly. The study suggests that women who get dental care reduce their risk of heart attacks, stroke and other cardiovascular […]

Fluoride in Black Tea & Other News of Note

Black Tea Contains More Fluoride Than Ever Thought (Foodconsumer) Black tea may contain a higher concentration of fluoride than previously thought, according to a new study cited in a press release by Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Gary Whiteford of the School of Dentistry, co-author of the study, suggests that heavy tea drinkers could get […]