Organic Means Less Pesticide Exposure

There are lots of good reasons for opting for organic. For instance: More than one of those reasons hinge on a simple fact about organics: They don’t offer the super-sized, super-potent pesticide chemical cocktail industrially farmed crops provides. Now, new research – “among the first to predict adult exposures to organophosphate pesticides based on people’s […]

Can You Spot the Hidden Bargain in This Picture?

The easiest excuse for not eating organic: It’s too expensive. It’s not just lower income consumers who say so. According to the same non-scientific yet fascinating survey, 80% of respondents making more than $100,000 a year think organic food costs too darn much. It does? Eating Organic Food on a Food Stamp Budget Is Possible […]

Mercury May Move Through the Teeth & Other News of Note

Can Mercury from Dental Fillings Travel through Teeth? (European Commission, Environment DG) Dental amalgam fillings made with mercury have been used for many years, but there are concerns about the risk to human health. A recent study suggests that mercury can travel through the tooth and enter the tooth’s active bloodstream. This is another route […]

How to Floss Your Teeth, Eat Healthy on a Budget and Other Tips from Around the Web

If Ya Got ‘Em, Floss ‘Em! Most of us know we’re supposed to floss our teeth regularly – at least if we want to keep all our teeth. But not all of us follow through on the advice, and many of those who do don’t always do it properly. Learn the right way to floss […]

Recommended Reading: Slow Food Edition

A Modest Proposal for Sustainable Eating (SF Chronicle) From August 29 – September 1, San Francisco plays host to Slow Food Nation, an expo celebrating real food, healthy eating and sustainable living. In this SF Chronicle article, Slow Food Nation Board Chair Katrina Heron gives a preview of the event, as well as some excellent […]

Around the Web: Lower Your Food Bill, Not Food Quality

Eating well is the foundation of health. And this means eating a diet centered on whole foods, preferably organic, locally and sustainably raised. But with the cost of all food soaring to undreamt of heights, eating well can seem nearly impossible to do without breaking the bank. But “seem” doesn’t mean “is.” Still, a recent […]

Quick Links: Oral Piercing Problems, Organic Food Quality, Compact Fluorescent Bulb Safety & More Pharma Phollies

Warning for Teens: Teeth and Jewelry Don’t Mix (Science Daily) Is Organic Food Really Healthier? (Earth Land Journal, via Alternet) Are Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs Dangerous? (Scientific American) Key Opinion Leaders: Independent Experts of Drug Representatives in Disguise? (BMJ) 6/24 Addendum – Re: the SciAm article on fluorescent lightbulbs, Dr. Verigin adds, If mercury is that […]