On the Latest “Is Organic Healthier?” Research

Occasionally, we write about research findings that seem counter-intuitive or just too good to be true or otherwise just a little “off” – findings that often seem a little suspect due to their being funded by industry. (See this and this and this and this, for instance.) Last week on her Food Politics blog, Marion […]

One More Bit of Food News…

Complaints haven’t been all about MyPlate (see above). The EWG has also been taken to task by some after their release of the latest edition of their list of produce with the most pesticide residue, the “Dirty Dozen.” The basic gripe is that they’re unduly scaring people, which may make them avoid eating enough vegetables […]

“Organic,” “Natural” and the Power of Marketing

Quick: Which food is “greener” – the one labeled “100% Natural” or the one labeled “100% Organic”? According to a recent survey by the Shelton Group, an advertising firm, most people would say “100% Natural.” This is both funny and troubling, since any product out there can make that claim. “Natural” is not a regulated […]