The Bully (Not the Teeth)

Picture the typical bullied child. What do you see? Glasses? An odd haircut and unfashionable clothes? Awkward posture? How about their teeth? A study published last fall in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics found that teeth were the number one physical feature targeted by bullies – more than physique, hair, clothes or […]

The Importance of Breast Feeding on Dental-Facial Development & Health

Lately, so much of the talk about breastfeeding these days seems to center on the mother’s right to breastfeed in certain public spaces – as with this recently viral video. But as important as those conversations are, we shouldn’t lose sight of another critical factor: the best interests of the child. For the benefits of […]

Putting an End to Thumb-Sucking

Actually, surgery is more like a last resort – and then, only in certain, specific cases. Most times, an open bite caused by thumb-sucking or similar oral habit can be corrected through a combination of myofunctional therapy and dental orthopedics (orthodontics). “Myo” is especially helpful in that it helps stop the thumb-sucking and retrains the […]

Veneers Instead of Braces? Seems the Push Is On

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot more tweets like this one: Veneers are a cosmetic treatment. They may be done for practical reasons – to restore a chipped or discolored tooth, say – but their main purpose is to improve appearance. Braces and other orthodontic treatments improve appearance, too, but that’s not their main purpose. […]

To Err Is Human, but…

Well, this is a little unsettling. According to a study recently published in the European Journal of Orthodontics, of nearly 1300 panoramic x-rays analyzed by the research team, 96% – 96%! – had between one and five errors. The most common? Failure to have the tongue in contact with the hard palate. And most of […]

Why You Really Need to Clean Your Retainers

Insufficient cleaning could allow build-up of microbes on orthodontic retainers, researchers at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute have found. Dr. Jonathan Pratten and colleagues looked at the types of microbes which live on retainers, taking samples from the mouths of people without retainers and those wearing either of the two most widely used types. As […]

Antibiotics & the Dairy Biz, & Other News of Note

FDA & Dairy Industry Spar over Testing of Milk (NY Times) Each year, federal inspectors find illegal levels of antibiotics in hundreds of older dairy cows bound for the slaughterhouse. Concerned that those antibiotics might also be contaminating the milk Americans drink, the Food and Drug Administration intended to begin tests this month on the […]

Should X-Rays Ever Be “Routine”?

X-ray imaging is an important diagnostic tool in dentistry. Letting the dentist see “hidden” areas such as the roots, between teeth and under fillings and other restorations, x-rays help your dentist spot any decay or other problems early on, when treatment is usually much less involved and less expensive. They also let dentists better track […]