One Way Bacteria Make Themselves at Home in Your Mouth

As said, oral microbes are ingenious little bugs. And the more research that’s done, the more clever they seem! To wit, A new research report published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology shows how the bacteria known for causing gum disease – Porphyromonas gingivalis – manipulates the body’s immune system to disable normal processes that […]

Ingenious Little Bugs

Spit. It even sounds gross. And that’s kind of the point. According to word historians, it’s “of imitative origin.” It sounds like what it means. Even the more polite “saliva” may come from a root word meaning “dirty.” But saliva is also kind of amazing stuff.     And in more important ways than that. […]

How a Microbe Preserves Itself to Promote Gum Disease

A scientific discovery at the University of Louisville uncovers a new mechanism how P. gingivalis, a bacteria responsible for periodontal disease, sabotages the immune system and promotes inflammation for its own survival.   PGGP   The finding of U of L School of Dentistry researcher George Hajishengallis and his team appears in the Feb. 16 […]