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REALLY Needing a Dentist

No kind of pain is pleasant, but tooth pain can be a special kind of hurt. To wit: A Swedish convict was so desperate to get rid of his toothache that he escaped from prison to visit a dentist. * … Continue reading

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The Oral-Systemic Connection, & Other News of Note

Can Poor Dental Health Lead to Pneumonia? (Dental Education Blog) Yale University says so. The oral systemic health study, presented this past October at the Infectious Diseases Society of America annual meeting in Boston, was headed by Dr. Samit Joshi … Continue reading

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How Toxins Linger in the Environment, & Other News of Note

Environmental Pollutants Lurk Long After They “Disappear” (ScienceDaily) The health implications of polluting the environment weigh increasingly on our public consciousness, and pharmaceutical wastes continue to be a main culprit. Now a Tel Aviv University researcher says that current testing … Continue reading

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Preventing Alzheimer’s with Lifestyle Changes, & Other News of Note

Study Suggests Lifestyle Linked to Some Alzheimer’s (San Jose Mercury News) A provocative new analysis identifies the biggest risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease – and concludes that more than half of all cases are potentially preventable through simple lifestyle changes, … Continue reading

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The Good Role of “Bad” Cholesterol, & Other News of Note

“Bad” Cholesterol Not as Bad as People Think, Study Shows (ScienceDaily) The so-called “bad cholesterol” – low-density lipoprotein commonly called LDL – may not be so bad after all, shows a Texas A&M University study that casts new light on … Continue reading

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Tamiflu Effectiveness Overstated, & Other News of Note

Tamiflu Effectiveness Overstated (CBC News) A University of British Columbia professor who specializes in researching publicly approved medicines is casting doubt on the effectiveness of the anti-pandemic drug Tamiflu. Dr. Barbara Mintzes says she’s looked at the manufacturer’s own clinical … Continue reading

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Lowering Oral Cancer Risk through Diet, & Other News of Note

Eat Your Greens to Reduce the Risk of Oral Cancer (Medical News Today) Eating green leafy vegetables “significantly lowers the risk” of oral cancer among women who smoke, a recent study has revealed. The research showed for every one serving … Continue reading

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