Dealing with Deep Decay in Children’s Teeth

Originally posted 6 February 2009 While checking out some dental blogs recently, we ran across this post on a study published last year in Pediatric Dentistry. The researchers looked at the presence of formocresol in the blood of children given pulpotomies. Formocresol is a solution made of formaldehyde, cresol, glycerin and water, which the dentist […]

Swallowing Fluoride? Study Shows Risks Without Benefits

Low-income children who consumed recommended fluoride doses have more fluoride-damaged teeth and high cavity rates, according to research published in the January 2011 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. For the study, Mexican preschoolers and school-aged children in a low-income area were measured for cavities, fluorosis (fluoride-discolored teeth) and urine fluoride levels. Fluoride […]

How You Swallow Affects How You Look

Amazingly, something as simple as how you swallow can have a big impact on dental and facial development. Here’s what a normal swallow looks like:     And here’s a common pattern called “reverse swallow”:     How does this play out in real life?       Of course, the trainer used in the […]

Mouth Breathing: Nothing to Laugh At

“Mouth breather” is an insult that’s been around for years as a way of calling someone stupid. But mouth breathing itself is a dental and medical concern – whether a habit developed from poor orofacial function or from allergies or sinus problems, swollen adenoids or tonsils, or other issues that can make breathing difficult. In […]

Routine Breast Scans Don’t Affect Mortality & Other News of Note

Routine Breast Scans Don’t Affect Mortality (Globe & Mail) Screening programs in which post-menopausal women undergo routine mammography to help detect tumours have virtually no impact on reducing breast-cancer deaths, a new study concludes. The research, published in today’s [Mar. 24] edition of the British Medical Journal, says that while breast-cancer mortality has fallen sharply […]

Mercury Fillings…or Else

Following up on last week’s alert from Charlie Brown on the Pennsylvania Dental Society’s approval of denying routine dental care to disabled children whose parents don’t consent to their kids getting mercury fillings… This, of course, isn’t the only appearance of such “mercury or else” attitudes. For instance, while pregnant women without insurance in Oklahoma […]

“If a Guardian Refuses Amalgam…We Will Not See the Patient”

Via Charlie Brown of Consumers for Dental Choice     Pennsylvania Dental Association: Deny All Dental Treatment to Children with Disabilities Unless Parents Consent to Mercury Exposure   In an act of moral depravity, the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) and the Philadelphia County Dental Society (PCDS) have endorsed strong-arming parents of children with disabilities to […]

Help Your Kids Have Healthy Teeth & Gums

ronmarshall074/Flickr   February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, which means that dentists, public health folks and others will be talking a little more than usual about teaching kids good oral hygiene habits and stressing the need for more intervention. After all, caries (cavities) are on the rise, particularly interproximal ones – those that develop […]

Stat!: Youth Tooth Decay Still on the Rise

Percent of young, American children with untreated tooth decay in 2000: 16 Healthy People 2010 goal for percent with untreated decay: 9 Percent with untreated decay now: 20   hans.gerwitz/Flickr   Source: US Dept. of Health and Human Services, via AP