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Implants No Improvement Over Natural Teeth

As Dr. V likes to say, the best teeth are the ones you’re born with. No restorative material can compare. Sure, there are plenty of good options for when a tooth must be repaired or replaced. But no dental restoration … Continue reading

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Essential Oils & Healthy Gums

There’s a new, small study out suggesting that “essential oil mouth rinse” may not improve your periodontal health all that much if you’re already pretty diligent with your hygiene. So are essential oils just a kind of gimmick? It depends … Continue reading

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Another Perio/Systemic Health Link, & Other News of Note

Periodontal Disease May Aggravate Respiratory Disease (Dr. Bicuspid) The list of systemic conditions influenced by periodontal disease appears to be growing longer every day. Now a new study has found an association between respiratory disease and periodontal disease (Journal of … Continue reading

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What to Do for Receding Gums

Receding gums are a real problem for many – and not just for aesthetic reasons. The hard enamel covering the visible part of your teeth doesn’t extend to the roots. Those are covered by a much softer, permeable material called … Continue reading

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Stat!: Brush & Floss as I Say, Not as I Do?

Percent of Americans who would be “most disturbed” if their romantic partner went without deodorant for a week: 24 Percent who would be “most disturbed” if they went without brushing or flossing for a week: 59 Percent of Americans who … Continue reading

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How Oral Bacteria Get to the Rest of the Body, & Other News of Note

Mouth as the Gateway to Your Body (MedicalXpress) After cleaning your mouth, plaque begins forming before your brush even hits the cup. A key to plaque formation, said Yiping W. Han, a professor of periodontics at Case Western Reserve University … Continue reading

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“What Is Gum Disease Anyway?”

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