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Putting the Gum Disease-Cancer Link into Perspective

If you smoke, you’re pretty much guaranteed gum disease. And, of course, your risk of a whole host of chronic, systemic illnesses soars. But just because you’re a nonsmoker, your gums don’t necessarily get a free pass. Despite smoking rates … Continue reading

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Homeopathics & Gum Disease

If you’re having a problem with gum disease – and nearly all adults are – the first thing to do is to NOT do nothing. Periodontal problems don’t get better on their own. They get worse. Doing nothing puts you … Continue reading

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Obesity: A Risk Factor for Gum Disease or Not?

No sooner had we started to write about this – when an email alert popped up with news of this – Is it any wonder why people think health news can sometimes be crazy-making? Over the past few years, research … Continue reading

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Where There’s Inflammation…

Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, respiratory diseases and cancer. Research continues to suggest that where there’s inflammation, oral bacteria may also be found – even in seemingly strange places such as knees and other … Continue reading

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The Call for Preventive Medicine

Originally posted 16 January 2009 In the ongoing debates about US health care reform, you hear an increasing number of calls for a shift from crisis-based medicine to preventive medicine. (We noted the dental version of it earlier this week … Continue reading

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“What Is Gum Disease Anyway?”

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No-Needle Dental Numbing Coming? & Other News of Note

Sniff of Local Anesthetic in the Dentist’s Chair Could Replace the Needle (PhysOrg) Modern dentistry has eliminated much of the “ouch!” from getting a shot of local anesthetic. Now a new discovery may replace the needle used to give local … Continue reading

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