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Pharma, FDA & “Institutional Corruption”

The FDA was founded to protect consumers from bogus medicines and other problem food and drug products. To this day, it defines it’s core mission as one of defending “public health.” But what if the proverbial fox is left to … Continue reading

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Eminently Quotable: Daniel H. Kress, MD

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Eminently Quotable: Mahatma Gandhi

We have got into the habit of calling in a doctor for the most trivial diseases. Where there is no regular doctor available, we take the advice of mere quacks. We labour under the fatal delusion that no disease can … Continue reading

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Questioning the Quo: One Pharmacist’s Tale

  Though we don’t agree with everything in the article below – recently distributed by the “Orthomolecular Medicine News Service” – it’s a good read that that offers some insight to the pressures that pharmacists (and others) are under to … Continue reading

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The Onion‘s Dead-On Parody of Breakthrough Drug News

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27 Health & Wellness Articles Worth a Look

As mentioned, we check the web daily for health and wellness news and articles that we think may be of interest to you. Inevitably, we wind up with much more material than we can possibly write about yet find worth … Continue reading

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