Mouthwash Isn’t a Toothbrush or Floss

Oh, the news – or what passes for news – that we almost missed while taking a break from blogging: Us Magazine‘s headline of Jessica Simpson saying,     “I just use Listerine – and sometimes I’ll use my sweater,” she claimed, bursting into laughter. “I do brush every now and again, but my teeth […]

More Dental Oddities

Several new concepts to add to our ever-growing list of weird dental products: Bluetooth in Your Tooth? Our last post on weird dental products featured a Bluetooth mike that can be implanted in a tooth – presumably for people who like to talk on the phone a lot. Now an article in the latest issue […]

Another Way Stress Affects Your Dental Health

When you’re stressed, you feel it.   JD’na/Flickr   Your neck, shoulders and back may get tight. You may have nagging headaches. Your stomach may churn or feel like lead. It’s a whole body experience. And according to a new study in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, it affects your mouth’s periodontal tissues – […]

Biofilm Build-up: Are You Disturbing?

What do a stagnant pond, Clearly Ambiguous/Flickr a grimy shower krossbow/flickr and your teeth ozma/flickr all have in common? They are all places where biofilm thrives. Gross, we know. But strictly speaking, that “fuzz” you sometimes feel on your teeth is a biofilm. Dentists used to call it “plaque,” thinking it was a single substance […]