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Mercury Amalgam Horror Show

Be afraid. Be very afraid. (Seriously, this is NOT for the squeamish.)) The “monster cavity” is just the beginning. That filling in it? “Silver” only by color and name. Dental amalgam is actually about 50% mercury. And it’s being removed … Continue reading

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“Saving” Teeth by Destroying Them

Say you take your four year old child to the dentist. During the examination, the dentist tells you he found four cavities. You consent to treatment. Afterward, you take your sedation-groggy daughter home and let her nap. So later, when … Continue reading

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It’s Cheaper Than Replacing Teeth

Let’s face it: Periodontal treatment is expensive. And considering how many people suffer from some degree of gum disease – up to 75% of the US adult population – it’s an expense that lots of us may face at some … Continue reading

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An Implant Is an Implant Is an Implant

  It’s easy to understand why dental implants appeal. Aesthetically and functionally, they seem the next best thing to natural teeth. You don’t have to take them out or use special tools to clean them, and they last a long … Continue reading

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Choosing Safe Dental Materials for Fillings & Other Restorations, Pt. 2

The conclusion of dental materials expert Jess Clifford’s talk on biocompatibility testing (see part one here):    

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Choosing Safe Dental Materials for Fillings & Other Restorations

Dental materials experct Jess Clifford gives an overview of biocompatibility testing:  

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Aesthetics Matter, but Health Comes First

Cosmetic dentistry has its place, but as we’ve written before, it’s too often overdone, with aesthetics taking a backseat to health. Recently, we ran across a similar critique, written by a dental consultant for the Faculty Dental Journal. We think … Continue reading

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