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Getting Children to Take Their Drugs

It’s not hard to imagine that a kid who’s been taught to “just say no to drugs” might be a little resistant to taking “good” (i.e., socially acceptable) drugs such as Ritalin (even as others follow the opposite tack and … Continue reading

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Oral Health & Pregnancy, Questioning ADHD Drugs and Other News of Note

Better Oral Hygiene Could Reduce Complications in Pregnancy & Help Newborn Babies (Medical News Today) Bacteria from a mother’s mouth can be transmitted through the blood and amniotic fluid in the womb to her unborn child. This could contribute to … Continue reading

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Flu Shots, Root Canals and Other Things that Are Less-than-Great-for-You Blogaround

Mark Sisson gives a terrific overview of why flu shots aren’t all they’re cracked up to be and offers some helpful tips for staying jab-free and healthy through cold and flu season. Jon Barron discusses the recent study on the … Continue reading

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Your Mouth Is Connected to Your Heart and Your Brain and the Rest of You…

Some articles that ran while we were on our blog holiday that we want to be sure you didn’t miss:   New Data on Dental Health & Heart Disease (Wellness Resources) The clear links between dental health and heart disease … Continue reading

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Video: “No Behavior or Misbehavior Is a Disease or Can Be a Disease.”

Remarks by Dr. Thomas Szasz, via Advances in the History of Psychology:    

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