A Better Way to Prevent Decay

Yes, spit is gross. It’s also pretty amazing – and critical to oral health. It helps wash away food particles and decay-causing microbes. It dilutes acid, helping keep the oral pH neutral or slightly alkaline. It provides calcium and phosphate to help remineralize and strengthen tooth enamel. What’s more, research published late last year in […]

Oral Flora & Your Sleeping Mouth

Your morning breath may not be gnarly, but it’s still, well, morning breath. We all have it to some degree. Why? Simple: It’s the spit – or, rather, a lack of it, since we produce less while we sleep. During the day, saliva is a perpetual bath for your teeth, helping wash away food particles […]

Ingenious Little Bugs

Spit. It even sounds gross. And that’s kind of the point. According to word historians, it’s “of imitative origin.” It sounds like what it means. Even the more polite “saliva” may come from a root word meaning “dirty.” But saliva is also kind of amazing stuff.     And in more important ways than that. […]

Natural Defense Systems for Your Teeth

A couple weeks ago, we took a quick look at S. mutans, the microbe largely responsible for causing tooth decay. As mentioned, this is just one of 25 species of strep – and more than 600 kinds of microbe total – found in the human mouth. But not all of those “bugs” are bad. In […]

Late Night Nosh Can Damage Your Teeth & Other News of Note

Midnight Snacking Damages the Teeth, Experts Warn (BBC) Eating food in the middle of the night can seriously damage your teeth, Danish experts have warned. Researchers examined medical records of 2,217 Danes and found midnight snacking ups the risk of tooth loss, regardless of the type of food eaten. The University of Copenhagen team blamed […]

How to Stop Tooth-Wrecking Dry Mouth Naturally

Here’s an aspect of good dental hygiene most of us don’t usually think about: spit. Yes, amongst other things, saliva helps keep your teeth healthy. For one, it acts as a perpetual bath for your teeth, helping to wash away food particles and the oral microbes that make up dental biofilm (plaque). And according to […]

Quick Links: ‘That Viagra for Women Study,’ Saliva Proteins, Chemical Scents & CAM for MS

What’s Wrong with that ‘Viagra for Women’ Study in JAMA? (Jim Edwards’ NRx) Licking Your Wounds: Scientists Isolate Compound in Human Saliva that Speeds Wound Healing (PhysOrg) Fresh Scent May Hide Toxic Secret (Seattle P-I) Exposure to Bad Air Raises Blood Pressure (Science Daily) ‘New Car Smell’ Becoming Less Toxic (CNET News) Complementary and Alternative […]