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“Safe Enough” Poison?

source Not that thinking something is “safe enough” actually makes it so. As the United Nations Environment Programme, among others, has shown, there is no such thing as a safe level of exposure to this most potent of neurotoxins. And … Continue reading

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Mercury Amalgam Horror Show

Be afraid. Be very afraid. (Seriously, this is NOT for the squeamish.)) The “monster cavity” is just the beginning. That filling in it? “Silver” only by color and name. Dental amalgam is actually about 50% mercury. And it’s being removed … Continue reading

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Mercury Awareness…and Then Beyond Awareness

We’re glad to see Dr. Mercola and Consumers for Dental Choice teaming up once again for Mercury-Free Dentistry Week. Until amalgam is finally abandoned as archaic and unsafe, this kind of educational outreach and call-to-action is vitally important. We encourage … Continue reading

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Strange Faith (or Mercury vs. BPA?, Part 2)

Two years ago, Pediatrics published a study on “Bisphenol A and Related Compounds in Dental Materials,” which confirmed that some sealants and composite (white) fillings release BPA. Here’s what one pediatric dentist and dental professor had to say about it … Continue reading

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Ethics & Mercury Research

Half a dozen years ago, JAMA published a pair of studies widely and consistently touted as “proving” the safety of mercury amalgam fillings – this, despite flaws we (and others) have discussed before and despite the ethical problem inherent in … Continue reading

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And the Human Cost of Dental Mercury Amalgam

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Stat!: “Silver” Mercury Amalgam Fillings Are No Bargain

One reason often given to justify the continued use of mercury in dental fillings is that it’s cheaper to place than composite – which is true if you just look at the price tag and ignore external costs. Externality: A … Continue reading

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