Salt & the Quality of Processed Food

It’s a basic fact of food processing: the more highly processed the food, the more stuff you have to add to it to make it taste good – salts, sugars, flavorings and other additives. And of course the manufacturers want it to taste as good as possible so we’ll buy and eat more of their […]

The Problem with Sour Candies & Other News of Note

Sour Candy Like Battery Acid to Teeth (CBS News) Research indicates tooth enamel erodes in a pH of less than 4.0. More than two dozen popular candies were shown to have acid levels ranging from 3.0 pH down to 1.6 pH. “When they’re gummy or sticky, then they stick to our tooth surface,” said [dentist […]

Fitting in Fitness and Other Health Tips from Around the Web

Have trouble finding time to exercise? Squeeze It In shows you all kinds of ways to turn your everyday activities into fitness opportunities. Think trail mix is a healthy snack? It can be – or it can be little better than a candy bar. So Fooducate offers some great tips for choosing the healthiest kinds. […]

No Benefit, Some Cost to UV-Enhanced Tooth Bleaching…and Other News of Note

More recent news items we want to be sure you don’t miss… UV Light-Enhanced Tooth Bleaching Is Not Only a Con but Is Dangerous to Your Eyes and Skin (Medical News Today) The light treatment gives absolutely no benefit over bleaching without UV, and damages skin and eyes up to four times as much as […]