Follow-up: Antidepressants, Obesity & Cancer Edition

Often it happens that soon after we post on one topic or another, we stumble upon related material and think, “Damn, wish we could’ve included that in the post!” A few such item we’ve bookmarked in recent weeks: After “News Flash, Pharmacological Edition” and its short list of recommended reading on antidepressants“A Glut of Antidepressants” […]

Scrutiny Under the Headlines

Earlier this month, we groused a bit about scare-mongering, drug-privileging headlines on some worthwhile news stories. It didn’t take long for similar examples to pop up. For instance, there was the Consumer Reports Health Blog item on choosing a safe acupuncturist, which came under the headline “How Safe Is Your Acupuncturist?” (a type of headline […]

Some Unsettling Truths About Western Medicine’s Drug “Cures”

This week, we’re pleased to run the article “How to Fix Our Failing Health Care System?” by holistic dentist Dr. Steven Green. Part 1, “The Great American Drug Culture,” is available here, along with biographical info about Dr. Green.   How to Fix Our Failing Health Care System? Part 2: Some Unsettling Truths About Western […]

Drugs and TMD

When the news came out late last week that Burt Reynolds had been in rehab for painkiller addiction, reports suggested previous drug abuse in the 1980s, “after he was diagnosed with temporomandibular joint disorder, a painful condition which affected his jaw.” The drug was Halcion. Why a sleep med for dealing with TMD? If a […]

Pesticide/Parkinson’s Connection and Other News of Note

Pesticide Linked to Disease in Valley (Modesto Bee) For years, researchers have suspected commercial pesticides put people at risk for Parkinson’s disease. Now evidence in the San Joaquin Valley suggests it’s true. Researchers have found a strong connection between the debilitating neurological disease and long-term exposure to pesticides, particularly to a fungicide that is sprayed […]

Recommended Reading: EMF Safety, Homeopathy, New Depression Research, Probiotic Claims and More

Live Safely and Thrive in the Wireless Age (Central Sierra Health Resource Guide) An excellent overview of the health risks of Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation from mobile phones, computers, microwaves and other technological conveniences – along with tips and resources for minimizing your exposure.  To access the article, follow the above link and scroll […]