Understanding Stress & Mental Fitness: Techniques for Building Resilience (Guest Post)

Fr. Stephen, MSC/Flickr   Corporate and other wellness programs primarily focus on aspects of physical health, but mental fitness is an area worth exploring. While it may be hard to imagine we can directly affect this aspect of our being, current studies reveal that we have much more control than previously thought when it comes […]

Holding Your Inner Balance While an Outer Storm Rages (Guest Post)

When things are going well in your life, do you feel something might happen to disturb and disrupt your state of calm? Like a playing child who is suddenly very quiet, we wonder about our lives when everything feels quiet and peaceful. Is that old adage correct, that things feel calm right before a storm? […]

A Drug-free Way to Manage Overwhelm, Stress and Uncertainty (Guest Post)

Lately, more people tell me they are overwhelmed. We witness and hear about more things now than any human beings before us. There is an onslaught of information which on its own can be overwhelming. But we are also in a time of rapid change, causing many people to transform their ideas and even their […]

Guest Post: How to Relieve Stress for Life

Cross-posted Originally, a stress response meant a threat to our physical existence: a tiger was chasing us, a neighboring tribe was invading, our ship at sea was sinking. These events led to a perfect chemical condition in the body that helped us have more physical stamina to survive. We could either fight for our lives […]

Helping Kids Learn How to Be Stress Hardy

Back-to-school time often increases stress for all concerned – kids, parents, families, teachers, administrators…. Now an increasing number of people are turning to yoga as a tool for stress management, as well as improving physical health and creating balance in their lives. In this recent article from the Portland (OR) edition of Natural Awakenings, Jim […]