Beware – It’s Flu Shot Time (Guest Post)

Watch out, folks. The flu shot mongers have started up again. You’re being urged to get one for yourself and your children. Well, here’s some vital information you need on this year’s flu shot. It is a video of an interview Dr. Joe Mercola did with Dr. Barbara Loe Fisher, the Director of the National […]

Remember the Flu Pandemic & the Rush to Vaccinate?

ghinson/Flickr WHO Slammed for Handling of Flu Pandemic AFP, PARIS – The World Health Organisation’s handling of the swine flu pandemic was deeply marred by secrecy and conflict of interest with drug companies, a top medical journal said on Friday. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that WHO guidelines on the use of antiviral drugs […]

20 More Health-Related Articles Worth Checking Out

As mentioned, we check the web daily for health and wellness news and articles that we think may be of interest to you. Inevitably, we wind up with much more material than we can possibly write about yet find worth sharing. So, without further ado, here are 20 more articles that have stacked up over […]

Little Evidence Tamiflu Works & Other News of Note

British Researchers: Little Evidence Tamiflu Works (PhysOrg) Researchers at the Cochrane Review, an international nonprofit that reviews health information, looked at previously published papers on Tamiflu as used for seasonal flu. They found insufficient data to prove whether the antiviral reduces complications like pneumonia in otherwise healthy people but concluded the drug shortens flu symptoms […]

Stat!: What Do Doctors Think of the H1N1 Vaccine?

Chrispyhug/Flickr   Percent who have “severe doubts” about it: 60 Percent who feel the vaccine has not been tested sufficiently: 71 Percent who feel that “swine flu” is too mild to justify the vaccine: 50.4   Source: General Practitioner Magazine, via Broward-Palm Beach New Times  

Vaccines: Beyond Thimerosol and Autism

Recently, news came out about a young woman who developed dystonia – a rare neurological condition – shortly after receiving a seasonal flu shot. (This video powerfully shows the effects.) While reports appear to treat this as something of an anomalous medical mystery, sadly, it’s not really all that surprising. For there is a robust […]

Thinking About Getting a Flu Shot?

Know what you’re getting into – including the risks and whether it’s even apt to do you any good:     One risk not mentioned in the video: people who get a seasonal flu shot may be more prone to catching H1N1 (i.e., “swine flu”), according to UPI reports on research currently under review in […]

Eminently Quotable: Dr. J. Anthony Morris

There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway. Dr. Morris is former Chief Vaccine Control Officer of the FDA Via Natural Health News