Sugar: Sweet. Delicious. Comforting. Everywhere.

Sugar consumption has skyrocketed over the last century. US per capita consumption now stands at 180 pounds a year, fueling all manner of chronic illness in adults and children alike. Sugar is big business. And like all big businesses, the industry will resort to just about anything to keep the money flowing. Remember how the […]

9 Dental Don’ts

So what’s better than fluoride at preventing cavities, gum disease and other oral health issues? Quality nutrition is a big part of it – going easy on hyper-processed foods, added sugars, soft drinks and the like; going heavy on whole foods, produce and healthy natural fats. Good hygiene is another critical factor. Yet perhaps many […]

Natural Remedies for Dental Fear

Ever since the economy took its nose-dive several years ago, conventional wisdom has said that more people are avoiding dental visits due to the cost of care. Surveys have shown that anywhere from 36 to 75% of those who delay or forego dental work give financial concerns as their main reason why. But that’s far […]